At Civicplan, we believe strong communities are built by informed leaders.

Since 2004, Civicplan has offered tailored public engagement and urban planning solutions to help civic leaders better understand and plan for future opportunities. We develop flexible participatory decision-making and communication tools that deliver the information, and the results, your organization needs.

Our past work includes award-winning and innovative community planning, public engagement, and research services for a wide variety of clients. We work with civic leaders including municipalities, institutions, community organizations, citizens and the private sector.

The Civicplan team brings a diversity of backgrounds to our projects, including urban planning, community engagement and facilitation, strategic planning, communication, and research. The breadth of our experience gives us a strong understanding of the mechanics of government, community outreach, the planning process, and political decision-making.

Our diverse skill set means we can develop custom planning and engagement strategies to meet our client’s exact needs and specific project goals.

We design redevelopment proposals, district plans, and community improvement studies to help realize the potential of neighbourhoods.

We facilitate community dialogue blending online tools, in person discussion, and analysis to provide greater insight for future planning.

We help clients with strategic plan development, organizational and project evaluation, governance planning, and visioning.

We employ multiple research methods, including policy, statistical and spatial analysis to better understand an issue or challenge.

Some of our clients