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Data-Driven Participatory Planning

Summary Data-driven participatory planning is helping policy makers and civic leaders better engage the public in local decision-making. Robust...
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SoBi Membership Survey

How Members Use Hamilton’s Bike Share System

Since its launch in January 2015, the city of Hamilton’s bike share system, SoBi, has had increasing success. In just two short years, SoBi...
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Federal Brownfield Funding Could Kickstart Redevelopment of Former Stelco Land

With the federal budget approaching, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has released its 2017 Alternative Federal Budget (AFB)....
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Supercrawl Festival

Understanding the Supercrawl Festival with CivicSurveys

Supercrawl is an annual celebration of the diversity of James North, the multi-disciplinary arts district in Hamilton, Ontario. The eighth...
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Citizens participating in public engagement campaigns

Engaging communities with participatory planning

It was 8:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in late June. Kids and parents trickled into the playground. There was a buzz outside Dr. Edgar Davey...
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How Pedestrian and Transit-Oriented Environments Attract Creative Jobs

While it is understood that pedestrian friendly and transit-oriented environments are elements of good planning, they are also starting to be...
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To the Little Things

A snowman is just a snowman. Or is it? We passed this snowman over the weekend, happily standing on the median of a busy intersection. We don’t...
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Leveraging civic assets as economic development and renewal infrastructure

Some of the Civicplan team had the recent opportunity to visit beautiful downtown Cambridge, Ontario. The revitalization along the banks of the...
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Capturing and measuring local character can help with future planning.

When you think about shopping local, you often think about different districts in your city.  In Hamilton, Canada, locals think of places such as...
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Building a network for women-centred health care

The feasibility study into the creation of a Women’s Health Network in Hamilton was a partnership between the YWCA of Hamilton, the North...
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