For planning to be effective, you need a clear understanding of your subject. At Civicplan, we employ multiple research methods, including policy, statistical and spatial analysis, to better understand your community research issue or project.

SoBi Community Research SurveyThe Difference between Knowing and Understanding

Our researchers are at home in both city archives and on the streets, utilizing whatever data collection method works best for your project. Our signature in-house survey system, CivicSurveys, combines our expertise in survey design with the latest online survey tools. We also collect your target information via a variety of other means, from street level audits to home mail outs to web analytics programs. Whatever the dataset or population being analyzed, Civicplan has the tools and experience to capture the community research information you need.

Collecting information is only the first step. One of the key advantages of employing Civicplan for your community research project is our ability to dig into the data and find the insights that matter to your organization. This ability is what separates us from other turn-key research tools. There can be a significant difference between knowing and understanding – we can ensure you capture the key insights from your data so you can put it to work for your organization.

Understanding Your Community

We have experience working on a wide variety of datasets. We regularly apply innovative approaches to gather and report on the data that helps understand communities.

Our expertise includes:

  • Spatial analysis –understanding how people and systems interact with the local landscape, and mapping those that data;
  • Local community trends – helping to understand what people in a community value and how they use the infrastructure and services available to them;
  • Feasibility studies – understanding the opportunities available for new projects and initiatives;
  • Festival analytics – understanding the demographics and economic impacts of local festivals.

Selected Community Research Projects

For more information about our past projects, please view the portfolio below. You can contact us at info(at) or call at 905-528-5607.