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SoBi Hamilton is a bike share system that was launched in partnership with the City of Hamilton in 2015. The system began in a test phase in January 2015 with 100 hub stations and 200 bikes.  In Spring 2015, the full system was launched with 750 bikes. By July 2015, there was over 5,000 active members and as of March 2016, there are 7476 active members.

During the start-up phase of the bike share system, Civicplan assisted with planning and feasibility. Through statistical and spatial analysis, Civicplan conducted a case study comparison of the proposed Hamilton bike share system with other systems already in existence. Items investigated include housing and employment densities, demographics of potential target market, as well as the suitability of infrastructure of the proposed system. As part of the report, a suggested system service area was identified to help with planning. In addition, potential local sponsorship strategies were investigated.

With the system in operation, there is the potential to compare actual system activity to the planned system to evaluate system performance.  As part of the bike share system, data is collected including user trips, hub activity as well as a user survey.  Civicplan conducted a follow-up analysis that summarizes select data from the system and user survey to help inform a better understand of the system and to assist with future planning.