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The safety of neighbourhood streets is a crucial issue. Local residents are well aware of the locations that need improvements, as well as what solutions could make these spaces safer for everyone. In order to address the concerns around safe streets, the PlanLocal Safe Streets process was initiated in Ward 2 of the City of Hamilton.

PlanLocal Safe Streets enlist residents’ help in identifying where to invest $1 million in infrastructure funding to make neighbourhood streets safer. The PlanLocal process is designed to encourage residents to help guide infrastructure spending though three phases:

  1. Identification of unsafe street locations and proposed solutions
  2. Voting for the top safe street solutions
  3. Building safer streets through implementation of the chosen priorities.

PlanLocal Ward 2 Safe Streets has won an Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) Excellence in Planning Award.

PlanLocal is a service of Civicplan and can be adapted to a variety of community environments to create a process for citizen-supported decision-making.